Children Of All Ages Love Kids Bumper Cars

If you’re searching for a fun and enjoyable ride that children of every age group will definitely enjoy, then you certainly can’t get it wrong by purchasing kids bumper cars. Within this guide, we’re going to show you a few of the key main reasons why children simply love these rides, so with this in mind, let’s take a good look.

Electric bumper car for kids game amusement rides

Electric bumper car for kids game amusement rides

To begin with, it’s worth noting that kids especially love bumper cars because it offers them the ability to enjoy the thrill of driving with a much younger age than they would certainly be allowed to.

Needless to say, the enjoyable bumper car ride also enables you to drive throughout the track with your family and friends, and also bump in to the other riders without suffering any real damage, yet still experiencing a small jolt that can be amusing for all involved.

You might take note, the bigger rubber bumper that surrounds a quality dodgem car for sale protects the ride from your damage at all, and it also allows the rider some protection as well. Ultimately, what this means is the bumper car is surely an incredibly safe ride to experience, and also the tiniest of youngsters may often enjoy yourself riding because of their parents on these machines.

Now, should you be the homeowner of an theme park or outdoor entertainment facility, having a collection of bumper cars available is unquestionably a great investment and you shouldn’t be very impressed once they quickly become typically the most popular attraction in your entire venue.

Beston kids UFO Bumper car

Beston kids UFO Bumper car

Fortunately, the incredible demand for this ride means it advantages of significant amounts of recognition, so many people will likely be keen to produce this the first ride which they experience whenever they see your park.

Another key advantage enjoyed through the extreme fairgrond bumper car ride is always that it allows the user full control of the ride so as an alternative to sitting back and passively experiencing and enjoying the thrill of your ride, they may be entirely control right through the ability.

You might expect, as a result the ride extremely popular with young children who aren’t always able to enjoy the advantage of staying in control which may go some way towards explaining why they may be very well loved by small kids.

With regards to investing in a kids bumper car ride to your park, you will get several considerations to be aware of. Firstly, you have to ensure the cars are really well designed and won’t cause any trouble for the consumer. Fortunately, the majority of these rides is going to be constructed from a galvanized steel chassis, which provides the frame great durability, as well as makes your long term maintenance quite simple as well.

Finally, many people decide to purchase these rides straight from China, and there’s no denying you could make some considerable savings by buying this way.

Beston naughty monkey kids bumper car

Beston naughty monkey kids bumper car


Overall, By visit,  it’s clear to find out that children bumper cars are some of the most favored and important rides to possess with your amusement park as well as your young visitors will unquestionably thanks for finding the time to provide this fantastic ride.

Beston’s kinds of portable amusment ride for traveling funfairs

QQ图片20150807114716Beston rides is a manufacturer of quality amusement rides and equipment based on safety, superior quality and innovations. Beston rides specislizes building in portable amusement rides for carnivals, family rides and coasters for family entertainment canters(in door and out door)and amusement parks of any size. Our hot products such as the Dragon wagon, Pirate ship ride, samba balloon ride have proven the test of time. Then Beston introduce kinds of portable amusment ride,, then you fan check out what we have to offer your operation!

1.Portable miniature roller coaster

Roller coasters are the number-one atraction in the amusement industry. Why? kids of all ages love to ride them for the excitement and thrill. The Miniature is our hottest-selling coaster. Unlike most kids rides, this miniature roller coaster adds scenery to the kiddie portion often midway or park.It adds a touch of class and flair usually found only on major rides- and with comparable grossing revenues. The Orient Express is decked out with a durable plastic oriental front that complements the main feature —the greatest-looking Chinese dragon you’ve ever seen. Youngsters race to take turns on this flashy piece. For added thrills, the Orient Express track design provides real coaster action.In order to make the Disk’O Ride more thrill and fun, our designer on Beston design new Disk’O funfair Ride for sale with extended waved orbit.That makes the ride more like a roller coaster. If you have enough space on your parks, you may consider this Crazy Surfer or updated version of Disk’O Ride. The operator runs the ride from a convenient vantage point on the platform. Racheting lap bars make for fast loading times, and the air unlock gives super-fast unloading. Cycle times are incredibly fast. Parents and children can ride both in the large oriental dragon cars, increasing your grosses and adding to the appeal of the ride. When it’s time to set up or move, no problem! The Orient Express is extremely portable and is easily set up by two people in only an hour and an half! With the Wisdom Orient Express, your return on investinent and the kids’ excitement will continue to grow for many years to come.

2.Moblie wave swinger swing ride:

The wildly popular wave swinger swing ride for sale on Beston is back with a great updated look. The WIND SURFER is a new ride that is enjoyed by children, teens and families of all types.This intermediate ride has aQQ图片20150807114758 super capacity of over 650 per hour. The WIND SURFER has 10 cars that hold 2 passengers per car. Each passenger has their own lapbar seat restraint. Loading is easy with all cars loaded simultaneously. You need only to check that each restraint is fastened.Each pair of passengers flies their car with the integral wing swooping in and out as the ride spins and tilts. After the ride reaches 10 RPM, the entire ride lifts 7 ? ft and tilts at 15 degrees. This gives a great visual effect and causes the cars to swing in and out. After about 45 seconds, the ride lowers and the drive smoothly brings the ride to a stop. The ride folds up on its main trailer in 2 ? hours with 2 men. Great action, great flash, and easy setup make this ride an asset on any midway.

3. Portable  rotating plane ride:

The Squadron looks like any other airplane ride at first glance, but on closer inspection, it becomes obvious that this is far from your typical kids miniature amusement ride for sale. Each of the six WWII fighter planes is individually controlled to move up and down in a diving motion that gives the rider the sensation of actually flying their own plane. As an added feature, each rider can push buttons that create three different sounds to add just enough excitement to give big time fun to the little ones. Each plane can hold four passengers and an air operated system allows planes to gently land on the platform for easy loading and unloading. An awesome lighting package makes this ride stand out after dark. Each plane even has a propeller that spins as the planes circle the 35’ dia. platform. The entire ride folds up in ninety minutes using two to three people. The new Squadron from Wisdom Industries – it’s a winning attraction for the kids, as well as for your park or midway. Also available in whale character cars. Similar ride like Kang’a’bounce ride for sale are also very common on traveling funfairs.

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